Bagging your groceries has never been greener

So once again, it was the weekend, which meant chore time. Yes, ACTUAL chores…

Grocery shopping and dropping off a heap of old clothes at The Salvation Army were on the to-do list. That’s when inspiration struck!

3 items and 3 easy steps.  That’s all it takes.

What you’ll need:

  1. an old t-shirt
  2. a pair of scissors
  3.  a sewing machine

What you’ll do:

  1. Turn the T-shirt inside out, pin it and sew it along the hem.
  2. Flip the T-shirt right side out, flatten on table and cut along the neck to make a larger opening for the bag.
  3. Line up the hems on the front and back side of both sleeves, and cut the sleeves off to make the handles.

And there you go! You have made yourself a reusable grocery bag.

Not only are they “green”, but they are a clever way to upcycle your not-so-favourite- t-shirts-anymore. You can use different sizes, materials and alternative styles to make them. You can even accessorize them with bead work, embroidery, brooches or simply paint them. What’s not to love about these?!

Here’s mine:


If you, too, have a large heap of t-shirts lying around, like me, you might want to try these projects.


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