Recycling – Chore? …Nope, not really.

Recycling… Ha! Funny how when we think of it, we typically see it as a weekly chore of rounding up empty pop bottles, beer bottles, the cereal and cookie boxes buried in the dark corners at the very back of our pantry shelves, a bunch of newspapers lying casually around the house, and ultimately dumping them in the “renowned” blue bins that sit at the end of our driveways, eagerly waiting to be emptied every week, ready to perform their noble services to Mother Earth, once again, in the following week.

Tell you what, look at it with a creative eye and it won’t seem like a chore anymore. In fact, it’ll be lots of fun! You’ll surprise yourself with how just a little bit of enthusiasm and imagination, you were able to transform things, which in any other circumstance, would have ended up in the bin.

In my next few posts, I’ll share some of my own ideas and inspirations. Try them for yourself or see if you can come up with some of your own. Get started and I promise you’ll be so hooked, you’ll literally go junk-snooping around the house.P1030476


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